Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Victories, Looking to 2008

2007 was certainly an entertaining year. The Wall Street Journal exposed the reality of the legal job market, Brooklyn Law School and Seton Hall suffered massive public relations damage, and WSJ readers voted 'Loyola 2L' Attorney of the Year.

Here's a link recap for those who missed these events:

Loyola 2L's award:

Legal Job Market Reality exposed:

Brooklyn Law School administration criticised:

The public relations battle continues to rage on blogs, jdunderground, and pre-law websites like I predict that the number and quality of applicants to low-ranked private law schools will continue to drop through the 2008 admissions cycle.

The word is out -- these schools have mediore to poor job prospects and cost up to $40,000/year in tuition alone. Don't be fooled by misleading law school publications advertising high "average" starting salaries. Save yourself money. Go Prestigious, Go Public, or Don't Go At All.


The Black Sheep said...

No offense, but I think that just the opposite is true for 2008. I think that there will be a large jump in applications. Not because of the value of a legal education, but rather because of the economy.

The economy was already heading downhill in the end of 2007, and with the events of yesterday, and the impending Recession, I think that there will be a great spike in the number of students applying to law school.

stateofbeasley said...

Point taken. A lot of people will apply to law school out of fear of the R-word (recession).

I will continue to relentlessly discourage people from attending law school in the hopes that at least a few will reconsider...

Just a Lawyer said...

you should put a link to on your blog. also the new JDUnderground Reader blog (

Both of those will help you get the word out... about small firms and lesser-known reasons that law is a very tough profession if you are entering it with debt and/or the wrong expectations. Any site that gets out correct information would be invaluable to the people you're trying to help--prospective 1Ls

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